Fashion is a term that has extended to different aspects of our society, and it has become a part of every one of us. Fashion shows are just brilliant. The magnificent runway, the attractive and tall models, the stunning dresses and accessories, the music and the audience, make the fashion show a fantastic thing to watch.

The fashion industry is continuously expanding each year, and it produces new trends and offering.  We all must have witnessed one or the other either fashion show in person or through our television sets. Some of the most famous fashion shows in the world feature the latest trends and creations by renowned designers. The calendar is filled with events from the fashion industry, from runway shows to trade shows; the fashion industry knows how to keep the latest designs in the market.

Paris Fashion Week:

Paris Fashion week takes place bi-annually during February and September each year. It is one of the most famous fashion shows in the world.  Many notables and fashion designers from around the globe gather in Paris which is one of the primary fashion capitals to celebrate fashion.  The exhibitions showcase all four seasons. The fashion week has collections and displays of spring, summer, fall and winter trends at each fashion show respectively.

Milan Fashion Week:

Milan Fashion Week is organized by a non-profit associated named the national chamber of Italian Fashion. The association coordinates and promotes the Italian fashion show developments. The fashion week has about 40 shows every season. The fashion week turns the city into a tourist spot and makes all its venues an influential place for some of the best fashion creations. The Milan Fashion Week compiles its collections at two shows.

Berlin Fashion Week:

Berlin Fashion Week takes place at Brandenburg Gate, and it is a relatively new event. The fashion week takes place each year during January and July.  The show was first started in the year 2007 to showcase up and coming designer’s creations. Berlin Senate and the Berlin Partner GmbH together make the Berlin Fashion Week a success.  Berlin is promoted as a business hub by the central contact agency for overseeing new operations and foreign trade.  Mercedes-Benz sponsors the fashion week.

New York Fashion Week:

The New York Fashion was established in the early 1940s, and it was the first fashion event in the world.  One of the primary purposes of the event was to showcase American fashions which play a secondary role in French designs.

The event is attended by some of the biggest fashion names including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Dianne von Furstenberg, Herve Leger, Alexander Wang, Brooks Brothers, and many more.

London Fashion Week:

London Fashion Week takes place bi-annually during February and September. Latest trends and designs are showcased, and it is attended by some of the top designers in the fashion industry. The event was launched in the year 1980 and was organized by British Fashion Council.